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Video Premiere: The Milk Carton Kids - Live at Hill Drive

Music Video The Milk Carton Kids

Combining the soft vocals of Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale, each performance from the The Milk Carton Kids is an experience all its own. Today, though, fans won’t have to leave their computers to be treated to a memorable rendition of a few favorite tracks. The duo recorded a three live songs in the Pattengale’s home, and have now released the video.

“We are tethered, for better or worse, to our homes,” said Ryan. “Some are happy, some are dreadful, but there they are in our minds. Home. The place where it all started. They place we return to again and again. When we’ve left it behind, it intrudes into our present like a reminder. It holds on to us as if with an elastic rope, strengthening its pull the further away we venture.”

It’s clear by the passionate performance given by the duo, which floats through tracks “Memphis,” “Heaven” and “Promised Land,” that performing in Pattengale’s home in Los Angeles had a particular significance.

“This wooden house; these plaster walls; this stone porch; these smog-obscured hills; these narrow halls; this is our home,” Ryan continued. “The place where it all started. We always return.”

Watch the performance in the player below.

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