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Only 9% of Mitch McConnell's Senate Donations Came From Kentucky Voters; Most Came From Wall Street

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The Courier Journal reported Wednesday that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has raised $3 million for his re-election campaign in the quarter ending June 30, and very little of it came from actual Kentucky voters.

Only about 9% of the itemized contributions listed in his recent report come from Kentucky donors, according to an analysis by the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics. That analysis said McConnell got more money during the quarter from New York and Texas.

That New York money largely came from Wall Street.

The biggest blocks of contributions during the period came from two global financial services firms based in New York: 29 people with Blackstone Group made contributions totaling $95,400; and 14 executives of KKR & Co. are listed as giving a combined $51,000.

The fact that McConnell is beating the Wall St. bushes for that kind of money indicates he might be at least slightly worried about the challenge posed by Democrat Amy McGrath, a former Marine fighter pilot. McGrath managed to raise $2.5 million the first 24 hours of her campaign.

Among the $3 million in “donations” is $600,000 that McConnell reportedly transferred from other political committees.

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