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The Funniest Tweets about Boris Johnson Becoming the UK's New Prime Minister

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Let’s try something out here. We don’t typically run these tweet galleries about foreign politics (except for that one about the Brexit vote that I put together at like 2 in the morning while at a theme park press event). Boris Johnson is such a thoroughly ridiculous human being, though, that it’s hard not to make fun of him. Even Americans are having a hard time not mocking the guy. Of course most of that mockery rises exactly to the level of “look at this dude’s hair” and no further, but hey, it’s still possible to make quality jokes at the expense of the terrible fashion sense of society-disrupting upper class twits.

With Boris Johnson becoming the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom earlier today, Twitter was full of good jokes about the goof. Here are our favorites. You can also just reread any of your favorite old anti-Trump tweets—just swap out his name for Johnson’s and read it in a fancy British accent.

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