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10 New Albums to Stream Today

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Today’s most-anticipated release (Chance the Rapper’s long-teased debut album) has finally surfaced, but beyond that it’s still another stacked New Music Friday. From a greatest hits record courtesy of indie rock heavy-hitters Spoon to a new album from a band leading the genre’s next generation, July 26 is serving up plenty of hits. Other notables out today include Florist’s crushing indie-folk LP Emily Alone, B Boys’ sneering post-punk record Dudu and Bill Ryder-Jones’ piano-driven Yawny Yawn. Scroll down to hear 10 essential new albums that dropped this week.

1. Angie McMahon: Salt

One of our standout discoveries at this past South By Southwest, Australian artist Angie McMahon is now releasing her debut LP on Dualtone Records, a partnership she announced during the festival where she was awarded the Grulke Prize for Best Developing International Act. McMahon’s gorgeous vocals range over somber folk melodies, evoking passionate emotions in anyone within earshot. Look no further than the stunning energy of “Keeping Time,” for the essence of one of the finest vocalists and songwriters we’ve had the pleasure of discovering this year. —Adrian Spinelli

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2. B Boys: Dudu

Flippant New York punk band B Boys have been dropping singles this year like the titular substance of their sophomore album Dudu. The previous two singles, “I Want” and “Pressure Inside,” are sneering indictments of quality of life under capitalism. On their colorful new single “Instant Pace,” B Boys turn their wide-ranging critique to another facet of human experience dimmed by the rat race: peace and quiet. — Substitute Thapliyal

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3. Bill Ryder-Jones: Yawny Yawn

Following a performance at this year’s Glastonbury festival, Bill Ryder-Jones has shared Yawny Yawn, a piano reworking of his 2018 album Yawn. The English singer/songwriter and former Coral guitarist derived the title from The Beach BoysSmiley Smile, and Yawny Yawn adds another layer of solace to his already tender songwriting. —Lizzie Manno

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4. Caamp: By And By

Mixing the twang of banjo and acoustic guitar with frontman Taylor Meier’s gruff vocals, Caamp’s poetic, sometimes groovy folk shines through in their latest album By and By. Sonically, the album sees Caamp reside in their familiar folk realms heard in “Penny, Heads Up,” but the trio also delves into a more blues rock sound on tracks like “No Sleep.” With lyrics that touch on the ups and downs of relationships, touring the country and more, Caamp do justice to folk music by simply telling captivating stories. —Molly Schramm

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5. Dude York: Falling

With Falling, Dude York show that they are a prime example of a band owning their adolescent renaissance by channeling, rather than imitating, their music influences (some of which include The Cure, Black Sabbath, Blink-182 and Carly Rae Jepsen) and echoing the emotions of yesteryear. Listening to Dude York’s latest power pop album, the Seattle band’s fourth to date, sends teenage pangs through your heart that remind us how intense and overwhelming every crush or heartbreak used to be (or still is). —Clare Martin

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6. Florist: Emily Alone

Los Angeles-based songwriter Emily Sprague has shared her latest album Emily Alone, a collection of songs made after uprooting her life in California and moving to New York. The change in weather and sudden distance from many of the things she once held most close led Sprague to emotionally unspool on Emily Alone, reflecting inwardly and focusing on the strangeness of change and sudden isolation. —Savannah Sicurella

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7. Spoon: Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon

Spoon may not have traditional “hits”—they’ve never had a Billboard Hot 100 single, after all—but they’ve become one of America’s most consistently great rock bands over the past 20 years or so, with each new release somehow one-upping its predecessor. In a major flex to show off the incredible run they’ve been on, the legendary Austin band is gearing up to release a greatest hits album, one that includes at least one song from each of their last seven albums. The record also features a new song, “No Bullets Spent,” that will surely whet your appetite for new music in the near future. —Steven Edelstone

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8. Strange Ranger: Remembering The Rockets

Remembering the Rockets is Strange Ranger’s third album, following 2016’s Rot Forever and 2017’s Daymoon. Bassist-pianist-vocalist Fred Nixon says Remembering the Rockets is something of a change for the group: “After making Daymoon, I think Isaac and myself were both feeling pretty creatively exhausted with the rock band format. We wanted the feel of the next record to put you in a trance.” —Drew Novak

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9. Violent Femmes: Hotel Last Resort

Folk-punk outfit Violent Femmes released their 10th studio album, Hotel Last Resort, which contains the cinematic, western-sounding title track featuring Tom Verlaine of Television. “I think it’s probably the best one we’ve made since Hallowed Ground,” says Brian Ritchie (vocals, bass, guitar, percussion). “It’s just a very focused album, the songs all hold together. It’s a classic album, in the sense that people should actually sit down and listen to the whole thing.” —Lindsay Thomaston

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10. YBN Cordae: The Lost Boy

Fitted with features from major rappers, YBN Cordae’s debut The Lost Boy is a musical buffet of hip-hop’s best and a rapper who’s young but sure of himself. YBN Cordae not only has a flow and groove to keep up with featured artists like Anderson .Paak and Chance the Rapper, but he also makes each song his own. With an unconventional take on traditional rap rather than the trap and mumble subgenres of today, The Lost Boys is a solid debut from a rapper that seems to be paving his own way. —Molly Schramm

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