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John Oliver Weighs the Risks and Rewards of Impeachment and Lands on the Only Possible Answer

Comedy News John Oliver

How about that: John Oliver, a verified non-American, is more on top of this whole impeachment thing than many of the Democrats in the House. While they’re dragging their feet over whether or not it’s a smart choice to impeach Trump—despite all the lies and law-breaking and everything else he’s done to embarrass America—Oliver spent most of the latest Last Week Tonight laying out the case for impeachment. His argument boils down to the precedent that would be set if Trump wasn’t impeached; future presidents would be emboldened to just run roughshod over the Constitution with no fear of repercussions if Congress fails to hold Trump accountable for his flagrantly impeachable acts. Would the Democrats risk a backlash from undecided voters? Maybe. Would the entire process be demonized and treated as illegitimate by the right-wing propaganda machine, including Fox News, talk radio, and whatever websites your parents go to for “news”? Absolutely. Does John Oliver’s risk-benefit analysis make a compelling argument that the Democrats need to hunker down and do what’s right for America instead of fearing over their own electoral chances? Damn straight. And yes, it’s funny, too.

Check out the clip below.

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