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Kingdom Hearts III Lucky Emblem Location Guide

Games Lists Kingdom Hearts III

As you travel through the multiple worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 you’ll encounter a number of hidden secrets scattered across the length and breadth of Disney and Pixar’s brightest creations. Keen-eyed explorers can earn themselves a number of powerful accessories by collecting one of the 90 Lucky Emblems hidden across each of the game’s many worlds. Collecting enough of these emblems will also reward you with a hidden ending clip after you complete the game, so die hard fans will definitely want to get searching as soon as possible.

After obtaining the Gummiphone from the starting moments of your time in Twilight Town, you will be able to take photos of one of the 90 total emblems that can take the form of any range of objects and shapes, all of which will come together to display the famous mouse head symbol of the King himself. Some of the emblems are easier to see than others, but with a bit of careful positioning and the help of this handy guide you’ll have gathered them all in no time.


1. On the staircase heading upwards from the Overlook savepoint, located between two pairs of potted trees.

2. Located in The Big Olive area, found on the piece of collapsed wall in the middle point where you slide on Goofy’s shield through the flames.

3. Found on the staircase to the right of the central temple in the Agora zone.

4. Found in the Overlook zone, directly below the rooftop you jump off. The Emblem itself is located on the wall to the right of a column.

5. When the path first splits as you climb up the mountain, take a right and locate the waterfall at the end. Defeat the water monsters nearby and the waterfall will recede revealing the emblem on the wall.

6. Located a short distance up the mountainside, found on the column of an archway just before you enter the cave leading further upwards towards Mt. Olympus.

7. After heading through the cave and climbing past the large statue of Zeus, head towards the clearing and look over the edge of the cliff to find the emblem on a small plateau below.

8. Located in a small cavern towards the peak of the mountain where you fight the earth titan. The emblem can be found hanging on some vines on a dead tree that overlooks a porthole leading over the edge of the cliff.

9. Found in the corridors zone of the realm of the gods, this emblem can be located on the side of the stairs found a little way up from the first water slide you encounter.

10. Found at the top of the first waterslide in the large room, located on the back wall between the braziers in the wall alcoves.

11. Found on the side of the anvil down in the secluded forge area.

12. Found sitting in the distance on the horizon in the Cloud Ridge zone. Take the long upwards grind rail towards the peak of the nearby statue then defeat the monsters at the top before heading over the the edge and snapping the emblem.

Twilight Town

1. Right after the cinematic where you get the camera, take a photo of the marker.

2. A small emblem located on the roof of the tram that circles around Twilight Town.

3. Located inside one of the three chimney stalks on the roof of the Moogle shop in the center of the town.

4. Find the hidden open-air theater down the alley on the edge of town and wait for the movie to end before snapping the emblem located on the projector screen.

5. Climb the building opposite the entrance to the theater and look to the area below to find the emblem in the shape of dinner plates set out on a table.

6. Climb the wall next to the hatch leading into the sewers and locate the emblem on the ledge above.

7. As you head from the sewer hatch to the mansion, hug the right edge of the wooded area and you can find the emblem on the side of a large mound of dirt.

8. On the outer wall outside the entrance of the Old Mansion.

9. On the right door of the hatch that exits the forest leading back to Twilight Town.

Toy Box

1. Inside Andy’s room, located on the shelves on a small box next to the bucket of soldiers.

2. Located in the bottom corner of the rooftop outside of the window from Andy’s room.

3. Found on the pathway leading from the front door of Andy’s house, created by a trail of small leaves on the floor.

4. Found on the back of the silver car across the road on Andy’s house.

5. Look to the left of the entrance of the store to find a stack of cardboard boxes sitting outside with stickers on. The lucky emblem can be found here in the form of the “out now” stickers.

6. This emblem is made up of rolls of tape hanging on the wall behind the checkout counters on the ground floor.

7. Grab one of the nearby Gigas on the ground floor and shoot the freestanding Gigas. display at the back of the store to reveal the emblem hiding on the base of the display.

8. Head to the front of the Babies and Toddlers store on the third floor and jump over the balcony onto the suspended UFO to find the emblem on the hatch.

9. After you exit the vent into the dolls shop, jump over to the first display case in the center of the room and align the glittery balls suspended across the other side of the store to form the lucky emblem.

10. Found in the lower vents. After landing in the lower of the duct passages at the first fan, turn around to see the emblem on the opposite wall.

11. 3rd floor of the toy store at the base of the robot statue opposite the save point and store.


1. Climb to the top of the tower in the forest zone to find the emblem below made up of rocks near the waterfall.

2. Enter the Marsh zone and hug the wall on the right until you come close to the hill that exits the swamp. The emblem can be found on a rock wall in one of the nearby areas next to a dead tree.

3. Found on a barrel inside the caves you pass through when using Rapunzel’s hair to swing across several gaps.

4. Located on the end of the stone wall at the start of the bridge leading from the forest to the kingdom zone.

5. Found on the left of the archway leading into the main plaza at the center of the town

6. As soon as you enter the kingdom area, exit the starting bridge and take a left, heading down towards the pier. Take a left at the bottom and look at the barrels and boxes up against the wall to find an emblem-shaped barrel.

7. Found on the doorway of a small tower on the docks area, located near the bridge that leads over towards the lighthouse.

8. Inside the fire pit at the top of the lighthouse in the kingdom area.

9. Found on the large double wooden doors at the top of the spiral ramp that leads up from the waterfront into the main plaza.


1. Turn right as soon as you enter the Laugh Floor to see a giant clown toy. Run into the toy a couple of times to push it out of the way and reveal the emblem hiding underneath.

2. Located on a clipboard on one of the desks in the Laugh Floor area. Find the 7th desk down from the entrance to grab this emblem.

3. Go to the upper door vault save point then take the rail down to the next platform across. When you land, take the corridor on the right and find the emblem on the back wall of the passageway near the metal hooks.

4. Start from the Factory Basement save point and immediately take the white door on the other side of the room. From here, follow the path until you reach a large wall of doorways with a red and a brown door as your only options. Take the brown door then turn left and go through the corridor to find a large food monster node and the lucky emblem displayed behind it on the collection of hanging doors in the distance.

5. Start at the Factory Ground Floor save point and look to the left of the painting room, a pink ink splat in the shape of mickey can be found at the base of the nearby tanks.

6. Head back down the corridor from the Factory Ground Floor save point and go through the room with monsters in it to find the emblem below the nearby window at the foot of the stairs.

7. Starting from the Factory Ground Floor save point, take the yellow elevator up to the next floor then follow the passageway around, skipping past the monsters that spawn in the process. After you come to the area with the small orange staircase, head to the conveyor belt room on the left, then immediately look right to find the emblem on the top right corner of the wall.

8. Starting at the Power Plant Accessway save point, head straight forward to the CCTV camera terminal and find the emblem just above a blue helmet sat on the desk below.

9. From the Power Plant Accessway save point, take the red brick hallway to the right and follow it all the way down until it leads you outside towards the area with the pipework. From here just follow the stairs all the way down and cross through the large open area into the next corridor, following the walkway as it bends around then up some stairs. Exit the room to another area outside, but this time turn around and look above the doorframe to find the emblem.

10. Head to the Power Plant Tank Yard save point and then climb up the blue crates behind the CDA agent in the corner. Leap over to the metal platform, then look up to the pipes across the room to find the emblem.

11. Starting at the Door Vault Service Area save point, head down the hallway that takes you to the Power Plant zone. From here, take the set of stairs on the right leading up to the CDA agent, and find the emblem as an oil slick on the floor below.


1. Start at the North Mountain Treescape save point, then follow the level until you reach a vertical wall climb that takes you up into the Gorge zone. Head up the wall and take the first right that opens up, jumping off the cliff down to the ledge below. The emblem can be found on a tree along the path of the ledge.

2. From the Lower Tier Labyrinth of Ice save point, use your focus jump to climb up towards the middle tier. Once you’ve scaled the tower, go to the middle of the nearby bridge and look left to find the emblem on the wall across the gap.

3. Behind a false ice wall in the labyrinth. Smash the wall then enter the room, head up the stairs onto the higher walkway on the left and find the emblem at the end of the path on the wall.

4. After rotating the labyrinth for the first time, slide down the two long ramps then drop down the long vertical shaft. When you land, look at the back wall to find the lucky emblem.

5. You’ll find this emblem in the form of a icy rock formation in one of the chambers behind the grind rails on the Upper Tier of the Ice Labyrinth. You’ll know you’ve found the right room because it has a large cluster of rocks in the middle of it.

6. Head to the Mountain Ridge save point and climb down towards the ledge leading back down the mountain. The emblem can be found on the rocks at the top of the first section of climbable wall.

7. From the Mountain Ridge save point, take the small passageway into the Frozen Wall area and follow the path down. You’ll see this emblem on one of the jagged snow drift barriers just before the path bends to the right.

8. Starting at the Mountain Ridge save point, head into the Frozen Wall area and follow the passageway around the cliffside until you reach the wide climbable wall. Stick to the right of the wall where possible and locate the small rock chute leading down to an isolated platform about halfway up the face of the wall. The emblem can be found on the wall between two trees.

9. Go to the North Mountain Snowfield save point and follow the path until you drop down a slope. Climb the opposite wall then turn around to find the emblem hidden as an impression on the rocks across the gap.

10. Head to the North Mountain Foothills save point then head upwards back through the Snowfield zone until you come across a small pile of logs. The emblem can be found on the side of the wood pile.

11. From the Foothills save point head down and into the zone with the blizzard to find the emblem on the back of the fourth rock from the start of the section where you have to hide from the gusts of wind.

100 Acre Wood

1. Inside the bucket next to the washing line at the homestead where you arrive in the world.

2. On the side of the large pumpkin behind where Rabbit stands.

3. Stand on the bridge and look past the flower garden to see this emblem off in the distance.

The Caribbean

1. On the tip of a nearby rowing boat at the Docks save point in Port Royale.

2. Starting at the Port Royale Docks save point, exit the docks and take a left, following the edge of the coast all the way down until you reach the end where you should find a building with crates under it. Smash the closest yellow crate and you should reveal an emblem in the form of cracks in the nearby pillar.

3. Head to the Settlement save point in Port Royale and immediately turn around, heading down the stairs that lead back to the beach. From here jump over the wall and enter the bare hut on the beach to find the emblem in the form of light be cast through the roof against some boxes.

4. Head to the pier on the beach near the Settlement Save point in Port Royale to find this emblem hanging on the back of the wooden archway connecting the dock to the stone floor.

5. On the ball and chain inside the prison under the fort in Port Royale.

6. Head to the top of the fort in Port Royale where the flag is and lock down towards the nearby canons to see the emblem in the form of some piled up rope.

7. Sail over to the Isla Verdemontana and head up the cliffs of the island to find this emblem hidden under the nearby ocean currents in the form of a large rock formation.

8. Locate the Isle of Luck and climb the small rock tower on the beach to find the emblem below.

9. This emblem can be found inside the base of the large rock archway on Horseshoe Island.

10. Located on a tiny island off the west coast of the Isla de los Mastiles, this emblem takes the form of a pile of broken barrels buried in the beach sand.

11. Head to Ship’s End Island and find the back half of a broken ship sticking out of the ocean. The emblem is located on the deck of the broken ship.

12. Head to Sandbar Isle and climb up the rock pillars to the upper part of the island to locate the hidden pool at the center. From here, you should be able to see a nearby cave entrance in the shape of a lucky emblem.

13. In the same area as the previous emblem, but this time the emblem is on the top of one of the rocky pillars in the pool, facing upwards towards the way you came in.

San Fransokyo

1. Found on the wall inside Hiro’s Garage, made out of coils of wire.

2. From the South District save point, climb up to the top of the giant chef statue and locate the emblem on the ground below.

3. To find this emblem you’ll need to go to the South District Night save point, then immediately turn around and scale the building behind you. Once you get to the top look across to the opposite building with the giant “M” on it to see the emblem cast as a spotlight onto the Tsukiji billboard.

4. Jump across to the building with the giant “M” on it and scale up towards the base of the red antenna. Once you get here, look across to the opposite building with the statues on the roof to find the emblem on one of the stone fans.

5. From the top of the same building, head north until you locate the San Fransokyo Tribune building. The next emblem is located on the smaller building opposite the raised highway. The emblem itself can be found on the side of the small glass dome on the top of the building.

6. Located on the top of the large building covered in blue neon lights that is flanked by several hovering fans. The emblem can be found at the very top on the floor in front of one of the green air ducts.

7. Located on top of the fish-themed hovering fan in the sky directly above the North District save point.

8. Locate the patch of grass and trees near the North District save point and follow it north, sticking to the right side that runs parallel to the nearby road. When the park comes to an end you will see a set of tiered stairs leading up, and the emblem can be found sprayed across the second tier of steps.

9. Inside the small railway tunnel in the north district of the city. The emblem is a light cast on the wall.

10. Found on the yellow car at ground level just outside of the railway tunnel where the last emblem was located.

11. This emblem can be found on the very top of the antenna of the building that has the railway tunnel going through it, located in the North District.

Andy Moore is a gaming freelancer based in the UK. When he’s not writing, he can be found staring blankly out of the nearest window, or spending way too much time on Twitter.

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