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These Handmade Tequila Bottles are Literally Works of Art

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I think we all understand that tequila isn’t just a cheap booze you shoot when you lose a game of quarters. There are some fine sipping tequilas out there right now, but Clase Azul is taking their premium tequila to the next level by putting it in handmade clay bottles. Each bottle is hand-sculpted and hand painted by native artisans who live in Santa Maria Canchesda, a village renowned for their master pottery skills. No two bottles are exactly identical, and each bottle takes at least two weeks to make. Some of the limited edition bottles were created to honor Mexico’s history or certain cultural traditions. They’re not cheap (you’ll pay up to $1700 for a bottle of limited run Clase Azul) but they’ve become collector’s items, with owners upcycling the bottles into lamps and vases. You can pick up their reposado tequila in a beautiful blue and white bottle for just $99. I wish I would’ve known about Clase Azul before Christmas, because I would have bought one, knocked back all the tequila and then given the empty bottle to my mom as a present. Because I’m thoughtful like that.

Check out the gallery for a look at artistic process behind Clase Azul and the different bottles on the market.

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