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Get Nostalgic with These Sledding-Themed Beers

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When I set out to corral a gallery of the best beer labels that display the quintessential winter rite of passage and endless cause of joy and snowy face shots that is sledding, I thought I’d have to wade through legions of options. Particularly when you consider how many winter-themed beer labels adorn the shelves starting in November each year, but there proved to be far fewer sledding themed beers than I thought. So, I dug deep, looking into the past to find labels that had existed for beers that are (sadly?) no longer available, as well as a handful of beers that are still in steady rotation. Is this dearth of sledding graphics an untapped opportunity? Does the fact that sledding is typically the choice winter activity for people below the age-drinking limit have an influence? I’m stumped. But I am ready for the next serious snowfall, so I can sled with my nieces all damn day and enjoy a beer afterwards.

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