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The 50 Best Comic Book Covers of 2018

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Whoa whoa whoa, Paste—didn’t you just post the Best Comic Book Covers of December 2018 a few days ago? Yes, we did, incredulous hypothetical reader, and now we’re closing out the year with a roundup of our 50 favorite comic covers of the whole dang prior 12 months. If you regularly follow our monthly galleries, you’ll see some familiar names: Jenny Frison, Joshua Middleton and Karl Kerschl all claim multiple spots on this retrospective, and repeat offenders like Nick Robles, Sachin Teng, Steve Rude and Dave McKean each manage to edge out dozens of other artists for placement here. A few covers that didn’t appear on the monthly galleries have muscled their way into this final roundup—think of it as making up for past oversights. Narrowing down just 50 covers to represent 2018 was a cruel, cruel task, but we hope you’ll agree that these works of art represent some of the best of the best from the last 52 weeks.

1 of 50 Action Comics #1004 Cover Art by Steve Rude

2 of 50 Action Comics #1000 '30s Variant Cover Art by Steve Rude

3 of 50 Adventure Time #75 Variant Cover Art by Grace Park

4 of 50 Amazing Spider-Man #2 Cover Art by Ryan Ottley

5 of 50 Batgirl #20 Variant Cover Art by Joshua Middleton

6 of 50 Batgirl #26 Variant Cover Art by Joshua Middleton

7 of 50 Books of Magic #2 Cover Art by Kai Carpenter

8 of 50 Coda #3 Cover Art by Matias Bergara

9 of 50 Days of Hate #1 Cover Art by Danijel Zezelj & Tom Muller

10 of 50 Deadly Class #34 Cover Art by Wes Craig

11 of 50 Deathstroke #28 Cover Art by Ryan Sook

12 of 50 Die #1 Cover Art by Stephanie Hans

13 of 50 Dragon Age: Deception #1 Cover Art by Sachin Teng

14 of 50 Xerxes #2 Cover Art by Frank Miller

15 of 50 Eternity Girl #3 Cover Art by Sonny Liew

16 of 50 Euthanauts #2 Cover Art by Nick Robles

17 of 50 Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #1 Cover Art by Ben Caldwell

18 of 50 The Flash #58 Variant Cover Art by Karl Kerschl

19 of 50 The Flash #59 Variant Cover Art by Karl Kerschl

20 of 50 Friendo #1 Cover Art by Martin Simmonds

21 of 50 Gideon Falls #8 Cover Art by Andrea Sorrentino

22 of 50 Girl Town Cover Art by Carolyn Nowak

23 of 50 Godhead Cover Art by Ho Che Anderson

24 of 50 Head Lopper #9 Variant Cover Art by Alan Brown

25 of 50 The Highest House #4 Cover Art by Yuko Shimizu

26 of 50 House of Whispers #1 Cover Art by Sean Andrew Murray

27 of 50 Ice Cream Man #5 Variant Cover Art by Frazer Irving

28 of 50 Ice Cream Man #6 Variant Cover Art by Christian Ward

29 of 50 Middlewest #1 Cover Art by Mike Huddleston

30 of 50 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26 Variant Cover Art by Carlos Villa

31 of 50 The Mighty Thor #795 Cover Art by Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

32 of 50 Mister Miracle #10 Cover Art by Nick Derington

33 of 50 Mister Miracle #10 Variant Cover Art by Mitch Gerads

34 of 50 My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies Cover Art by Sean Phillips

35 of 50 Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #310 Cover Art by Chip Zdarsky

36 of 50 The Punisher #2 Cover Art by Greg Smallwood

37 of 50 Runaways #6 Variant Cover Art by Matt Taylor

38 of 50 Saga #54 Cover Art by Fiona Staples

39 of 50 The Sandman Universe #1 Cover Art by Jae Lee

40 of 50 The Sandman Vol. 1 30th Anniversary Edition Cover Art by Dave McKean

41 of 50 Star Wars #55 Cover Art by David Marquez

42 of 50 Superman #4 Variant Cover Art by Adam Hughes

43 of 50 The Lie and How We Told It Cover Art by Tommi Parrish

44 of 50 Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 Variant Cover Art by Adi Granov

45 of 50 Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1 Cover Art by Gabriel Ba

46 of 50 Upgrade Soul Cover Art by Ezra Claytan Daniels

47 of 50 Why Art? Cover Art by Eleanor Davis

48 of 50 The Wicked & The Divine: 1923 A.D. Variant Cover Art by Jamie McKelvie

49 of 50 Wonder Woman #49 Variant Cover Art by Jenny Frison

50 of 50 Wonder Woman #54 Variant Cover Art by Jenny Frison

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