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The Best Comic Book Covers of November 2018

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“Big and bold” dominates our November roundup of the most gorgeous art slapped in front of a sequential story. From Jean Grey’s outstretched hand on Jenny Frison’s X-Men Red #10 to Jen Bartel’s cat-dragon-god-monster on Blackbird #2, Tradd Moore’s gargantuan Leviathan #3 variant cover to Jim Rugg’s stapler-wielding ruffian on Street Angel vs. Ninjatech, this month favored compositions unafraid to get right in the reader’s face. In fact, we couldn’t even include one of our favorite covers, Mike and Laura Allred’s widescreen Silver Surfer by Slott & Allred Omnibus wraparound, because it’s too dang big and cosmic for our gallery format. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate subtlety; both of Vanesa R. Del Rey’s November entries reward a lingering look, as do Sachin Teng’s latest jaw-dropping Dragon Age: Deception masterpiece and Alex Ross’s Grand-Guignol Immortal Hulk #8. Still, this month we recommend waiting until you’re off your mobile device to properly appreciate this gallery—these images deserve the full-screen treatment.

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