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If You're A Politics Nerd, This Glorious Google Doc Tracking All Results Is Your Election Night Bible

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Daniel Nichanian is not the election night hero we deserve, but he is certainly the one we need. Nichanian is the editor of The Appeal: Political Report and he has taken it upon himself to construct a glorious spreadsheet tracking all the major races going down tonight, from the Senate to the House to the Governors’ mansions to the various important state referendums…and beyond. Like, well beyond. Like, “San Diego City Council” beyond.

If you want to fill it out yourself at home, he’s provided this great worksheet that can be printed and used as a resource:

Here we are! My cheatsheet of all things I'm watching: 410 items, incl. legislatures, referenda, DAs, & far more.

It'll update live tmrw. And now I also have a printable PDF!

Feel free to print, share, follow, save, bookmark!— Taniel (@Taniel) November 5, 2018
Personally, I plan to follow along on this Google Doc that Nichanian will fill out himself as the night goes along. Based on the way he’s presented these documents, it’s clear to me that I should trust him more than I trust myself.

Bless you, based politics guru. And if you need more info on all the House races specifically, this spreadsheet is another great guide.

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