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The Best Comic Book Covers of September 2018

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Embarrassment of riches: it’s a cliché phrase, but the first one that came to mind when we started narrowing down our picks for the best comic book covers of September 2018. We trimmed this list from about 55 initial contenders, and you can bet that every omission was a painful one. What we’re left with are covers that irresistibly command your attention and don’t let go. Joshua Middleton puts romance novels to shame with his portrait of Aquaman and Mera, John Cassaday perfectly captures the circumstances that created James Bond, Yasmine Putri portrays a former Robin at the crossroads and Becky Cloonan opens up a whole new dimension of weirdness for Moon Knight. Mitch Gerads tugs at heart strings and the threads of reality for Mister Miracle, and Erica Henderson continues to establish herself as a master humorist with The Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl. Lia Miternique’s Man-Eaters cover art acts as a rallying cry and a political poster wrapped up in one, while Kat Leyh’s Lumberjanes #54 cover just has a really great giant cat on it. Aww, giant cat. Anyway, these are the best comic book covers of September 2018. Feast your eyes.

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