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A Majority of People Want Medicare for All, so Now Barack Obama Does Too

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Barack Obama  has routinely displayed the leadership necessary to get behind controversial ideas once they stop being controversial. We saw it with gay marriage, which he courageously supported as early as…2012…when almost 75 percent of Democrats already supported it, and about a third of Republicans to boot. And now that recent polling shows 84.5 percent of Democrats and even 51.9 percent of Republicans in support universal healthcare in the United States, you’ll never guess who has channeled his inner resolve and bravely jumped on the bandwagon:

Obama endorses Medicare for all.— Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) September 7, 2018
Look, sarcasm aside, this is fine—Medicare for all is a terrific policy, and maybe Obama's support will whip the last of the recalcitrant congressional Democrats into shape. It would have been nice if he could lead from the front on an important issue, for once, but hey, that's life at the top of the Democratic party. So when confronted with this news, we say “hurray!” But we also say what this guy said:

Man, I wish this guy was president in 2010.— Anarcho-MolotovCocktailist (@realhnewhouse) September 7, 2018

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