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The White House Has Reached New Heights of Xenophobia with This Tweet

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Hey Siri, define Xenophobia.

The White House tweeted this video on Wednesday evening, implying, basically, that all immigrants are murderers. The stories told paint a picture that belittles the strife of immigrants and makes it lesser than the struggles of U.S. citizens. It’s isolating and extreme.

The video cites several extremely specific cases of murders committed by immigrants. To be clear; death is a terrible thing in any circumstance. But the ideas in this video tell its viewers that anyone not from the U.S. is prone to violence. It implies that all crime will be solved with the halting of immigration.

This is xenophobia, and it’s wrong—as we wrote on Wednesday, the rate of crime among undocumented immigrants is actually less than that of American citizens, by far. The White House has defined everyone other than citizens of the U.S.A. as potential threats. Everyone else is other, meant to be feared and kept as far away as possible.The White House is eager to solve crime when it can blame others. Meanwhile, it refuses to infringe on gun rights, so long as Americans love to shoot them.

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