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Pinegrove Share an Update on Their Hiatus

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It’s been more than two months since Pinegrove, one of indie rock’s most promising up-and-coming acts, announced a hiatus amid deeply troubling circumstances. The band announced in November that frontman Evan Stephens Hall had been accused of “sexual coercion,” cancelling their U.S. tour and “taking some time off in general” while Hall underwent therapy indefinitely.

That was the last we had heard from the band until early Monday morning, when they shared the following message via social media:

Unfortunately, other than affirming that the band’s hiatus will continue and that fans will get their money back for any tour tickets they had purchased, the update tells us little about what to expect from Pinegrove going forward.

Hall described his accuser as “someone i was involved with for a short but intense period of time,” saying of their relationship, “i believed sincerely that it was mutual. i absolutely never threatened her, i never leveraged anything against her,” but confessing to having “monumentally misread the situation.” Hall explained that “the inherent privilege of my gender and the accumulated privilege of being a recognized performer most certainly impacted this interaction.” He also acknowledged evaluating audience members based on their “sexual potential,” apologizing to the band’s fans and concluding, “i have never felt remorse like this before. i will think about how i could have been better in this situation for as long as i live.”

Not long before Hall’s statement detailing the accusations against him, Pinegrove had released a new song, “Intrepid.” The single was the first from their untitled third album, which they announced they had begun recording last summer. At this point, it’s hard to imagine that album seeing the light of day.

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