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Watch Ryan Gosling in "Papyrus," SNL43's Funniest Sketch So Far

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live

Here is the funniest sketch of SNL 43, the Julio Torres-penned digital short “Papyrus.” As you might expect from the mind behind “Wells for Boys,” it’s a patient, tenderly wrought wonder, precise and idiosyncratic from premise to execution. My favorite part is when Gosling flips over the table, and also when he shouts “I know what you did,” and also when he doesn’t know there are gonna be Avatar sequels, and also everything else. It’s almost painful how good this sketch is; so much of SNL is hack unfunny overlong obvious three-beat gibberish that to witness, for a few fleeting minutes, something original is like emerging from Plato’s cave into the blinding light of reality. Either make Torres head writer already or give me back my blissful ignorance, I can’t bear the thought of what could be.

For more of that SNL content you crave, check out our review of last night’s episode here.

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