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Exclusive: Watch Guantanamo Baywatch's Boisterous "Mesa" Video

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Playing golf and drinking beer are just a couple of the activities that the members of Guantanamo Baywatch are finding enjoyment in since frontman Jason Powell moved back to the arid landscape of Arizona from the Pacific Northwest—or at least, that’s what the band’s video for “Mesa,” which you can watch exclusively at Paste below, depicts them doing.

The energetic, spirited track comes from their recently released Desert Center, which was inspired by the tiny California town that serves as a “perfect reminder of the ecstatic rabble-rousing documentation of life in America’s lonely outposts offered up by that first wave of electric guitar pioneers.” For “Mesa” specifically, Powell paid homage to a different desert town:

I was born in Mesa, Ariz., and almost all my dad’s side was born there and still live there. I somehow seem to keep getting pulled back. All of Desert Center was written there. The golf course in the video was literally the back yard of the house I was living in. Seemed fitting to write a song about the deep love I have for this beautiful and shitty city. It’s a one of a kind place that deserves a song.

Guantanamo Baywatch are currently gearing up to tour the States in support of Desert Center, which is bound to provide live audiences with a wicked good time. See their tour dates here, and watch the boisterous video for “Mesa” below, along with a performance from the band plucked from the Paste Cloud.

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