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Judge Will Not Allow Former Fox News Host to Conceal Identity of Her Feminism-Bashing Book's Male Ghostwriter

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Andrea Tantaros’ anti-feminism book, Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable, details how women’s liberation has caused the downfall of gender relations. This is already a conservative approach to the topic, but it’s even less appealing after it was revealed that Tantaros’ book was ghostwritten by a man. Michael Krechmer, the real author of Knots, is suing Tantaros for not paying her the full amount of the $150,000 he was promised for penning the book for her, and Tantaros is like, super embarrassed.

According to THR, the former Fox News host alleged that her career could be jeopardized if the identity of the ghostwriter was revealed and moved for a preliminary injunction to prohibit Krechmer from talking. However, Judge Katherine Forrest has ruled that Tantaros’ reasoning is simply not good enough to prevent the public from seeing the name of the individual who is suing her. The irony of a former Fox News host paying a man to write a book about how women are at fault for everything that’s bad is almost too much for us to bear.

To prevent confusion, it’s worth noting that Tantaros is also engaged in a discrimination and harassment lawsuit with Fox News that is entirely separate from the Krechmer case.

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