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Uncover the Mystery of a Murdered Nun in Netflix's The Keepers Trailer

TV Video The Keepers

After the huge success of (and controversy over) Making a Murderer, Netflix is bringing us another chilling true-crime tale in the form of The Keepers, the true story of the shocking murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a Baltimore nun. Her murder has never been solved, and almost 50 years later this seven-part series looks to investigate the seemingly political reasons for her murder.

The Catholic Church has faced more than its fair share of scandals throughout the years, and this case is no different. Baltimore residents described Sister Cathy as a “spirit of compassion and kindness,” and it seems as if her disappearance may have had something to do with information she had on a sexual scandal within the church, which is not surprising, but is profoundly scary and sad. Hopefully, through this series and further investigation, justice will prevail.

The Keepers comes to Netflix on May 19. Check out the trailer above, and find the show’s key art below.

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