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New Prince EP Pulled After Lawsuit

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That posthumous Prince EP the internet has been freaking out about may never see the light of day—if Prince’s estate has anything to say about it.

Not long after Prince died—a year ago tomorrow—it was revealed that his music vault contained enough material to release an album every year for the next century. Then, in February, Prince’s estate made a deal with Universal Music Group for his music made after 1995, which includes some 25 albums.

Now, his estate has requested that a judge block the release of an EP that was initially scheduled to come out tomorrow, April 21. The Deliverance EP was put together by former Prince engineer George Ian Boxill, and the title track was streaming on iTunes and Apple Music this week before the estate filed a lawsuit against Boxill on Wednesday that claimed the producer signed agreements in 2006 and 2008 that work would remain “Prince’s sole and exclusive property,” according to TMZ.

Further details of the lawsuit allege that Boxill is essentially attempting to exploit the Purple One’s music for personal gain, and that the music in question is worth more than $75,000 (via FACT).

Update: David Staley, co-founder of RMA, confirmed in an interview today with Rolling Stone that based on the court order, the “Deliverance” single can continue to be sold but other tracks will remain unreleased for now. Staley says “Deliverance” is “a very timely song and believe it will bring comfort to many in these trying times.”

While the rest of this legal mess gets extricated, enjoy a 1982 Prince performance from the Paste Cloud below.

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