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Jeffrey Tambor is Interviewed by His Children in an Adorable “Talk Show” About His Forthcoming Memoir

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If, for some reason, you’re still finding it hard to love Jeffrey Tambor, whose roles in The Larry Sanders Show, Arrested Development and Transparent have won him widespread acclaim and a plethora of fans, then the new trailer for the actor’s forthcoming memoir is just the thing for you.

The video, which you can watch above, is structured like a talk show with Tambor in the hot seat and his four young children, who read their lines off of index cards, playing the role of hosts. Several actually pretty legitimate questions are asked—e.g., “What’s the most valuable lesson that you learned about your craft from working on the Larry Sanders Show?”—but Tambor continually steers the conversation in a way that highlights the adorableness of his children. In response to the previous question, posed by his son Gabriel, Tambor asks, “Do you even know what the Larry Sanders Show is?” to which Gabriel responds “No!” with his face all scrunched up, as if the kid couldn’t believe his dad actually asked such a question.

Other golden moments populate the video, such as when the kids get a good laugh out of the incorrect but intuitive pronunciation of “debut.” At one point, Tambor wryly tells his kids, who are fidgety and prone to tangents, “Don’t talk about the book at all, by the way, don’t worry about that, it’ll just sell itself.” If Tambor keeps churning out ads like this one, sales shouldn’t be a problem.

Tambor’s book, published by Crown Archetype and sold by Random House LLC, is titled Are You Anybody?: A Memoir and will hit stores on May 16.

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