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2016 Presidential Campaigns Reimagined As Black Metal Band Logos

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Christophe Szpadjel has been designing wordmark logos for black metal bands for nearly 40 years. So when the presidential campaign season kicked off last summer, the folks over at Co.Design asked him to rebrand the mostly uninspiring logos of 11 of the then-candidates. Some of the work he came up with is pretty stunning—as are some of the names you’ll find on this list. Prepare for some spooky resurrections!

(In case you’re wondering, John Kasich was irrelevant when these were made.)

1 of 11 He's the elephant in the room. Szpadjel probably wasn't expecting that to be the case when he made these logos in June, but kudos to him for the accidental foresight.

2 of 11 It's a far cry from the Simon and Garfunkel aesthetic we know Bernie prefers.

3 of 11 IT'S AN AMBIGRAM! Like those elemental logos from Angels and Demons, remember? Oh wait, all of Dan Brown's novels blend together for you? Us too.

4 of 11 We wonder if you could resurrect Perry's dead political career from the center of the P.

5 of 11 Another ambigram! And this one's got a fiery look to it. Too bad Rand Paul's fire couldn't prevent a Trump win in Kentucky.

6 of 11 Does the mountain represent Huckabee's religious stature or his physical one?

7 of 11 Fiorina had maybe the scariest face out of all the candidates; appropriately, this logo is full of spikes!

8 of 11 Christian metal is very much a thing. If Cruz went to a Christian metal concert, he'd totally be the guy throwing 'bows in the mosh pit.

9 of 11 Hillary's name is being pierced by barbs from both the left and right--exactly what is happening in this campaign. Well done, Szpajdel.

10 of 11 Remember this guy? Neither do we.

11 of 11 The legend of the exclamation point will live on forever, even if Jeb!'s campaign died mercilessly at the hands of Donald Trump.

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